Power Life Design training with Slavica Squire is my annual routine. It’s the starting point of my New year and review of the past. Slavica and Power Life Design led me from my dream to the first step – action! A few years ago was the first Power Life Design of my life, and I was encouraged then to write and admit to myself what it is that I really want in life. For the first time, I worked on myself, on my journey, on my dreams.

Slavica believed in me and helped me to believe that anything was possible. My life was a different reality then than it is today. Today I live what I wrote then on Power Life Design. Today, I am many steps closer to my dream. I am happier and more satisfied than ever. It was a small step then. There are many steps behind me today and in front of me, with the difference being that I now know where I am going. I am looking forward to the next Power Life Design, to look at how I got there and see what my next steps are. After all, when you have been given two days just for yourself, and with such support, everything you ever imagined becomes possible.